June 23, 2021

The top emoji for summer love are a smiley face, a puppy’s head and a pair of white shoes.

But the second-favorite emoji for honey, sushi and love honey are all puppies and white shoes (not to mention the fact that, like most people, I have a love of dogs).

Read moreA lot of people are probably thinking that summer love is just for babies, but it’s not.

The term is actually a mix of three things.

First, there is summer love.

This is the love you get when you are really, really happy, and that’s a really, REALLY good thing.

But if you’re feeling pretty crappy, this is probably a good time to get back into the swing of things.

Summer love is a really great time to make a new friend, date someone new, find a new job or move into a new house.

And it’s even more awesome when you find someone who has a really strong summer love for you.

Second, there’s summer love in the form of love, which means something about the relationship that’s been built over time, and this is the type of love that you want to put out to the world.

The word comes from the Latin word for love, and is also an adjective, which can be used to describe something like friendship, romance or attraction.

But in the summer, it can also be used in a more general sense, as in “Summer love washes away the old”.

So it’s probably not a good idea to go out and buy yourself a new pair of socks for the new year.

That’s not summer love!

But it’s a good way to show love for someone you love and to be ready for the world to show up on your doorstep.

And if you want some more summer love ideas, check out these 11 cute ways to put a little love into your next Valentine’s Day.

Here are the top 10 Summer Love Emojis to get you started:

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