August 12, 2021

A few months ago, Savage Love’s Savage Love geary released a new album titled Savage Love Love Gear and, in the process, he became the subject of an extraordinary social media storm.

He also had a new face on his sleeve.

That face is now on Savage Love album cover with a different name.

It is now Savage Love.

And, in some ways, it is a little bit of a comeback.

You may have noticed that the Savage Love name was missing from the cover artwork for Savage Love 2.0.

In fact, that was the first time we’d seen the band on the cover for a record.

The album is the second record the band have made.

We’ve been in contact with them through their label and, yes, they have been working on a new record.

So what exactly is Savage Love, and how did this all come about?

In a nutshell, the band was formed back in 2007 when the band members, Dave, and I were in a relationship.

Dave and I had broken up when we were in the middle of our tour.

He went on tour with us for a year, and we were pretty much a single dad and I just really felt like I was doing the same thing I was on the road.

We were on our own and we weren’t very connected.

We weren’t really a couple, and he wasn’t doing anything.

So, when he was doing a tour, I would come and he would stay with me and just listen to music.

It was really weird.

We got to that point where we were living in the same house and we could not be in the house at the same time.

And we were doing this tour with Dave, who I’d known for years.

We had a little problem with our record label and we wanted to be able to do our own thing.

I’d already gotten a deal with a label and I was ready to take a break.

But he was adamant about wanting to do it and we agreed.

And so, after a couple of months, we got together and we wrote Savage Love and it was the band’s first album.

The band had already been making music in the past, and it really didn’t really hit a home run, so it just felt right to try to do something that had that feeling of a full band.

We decided to call it Savage Love as it seemed to be more appropriate.

We thought it would be a good name for the band and we liked it.

So we got a couple other bands to sign on to the label and then Savage Love came along and they signed it and then we signed it.

Dave loved it, so we just went with it.

It’s a great name and it’s a lot of fun to make records.

But it’s also a bit of an adventure.

It feels like the band has gone through a lot and a lot has happened in their life and it is hard to get back on track.

We try to keep it simple.

We have a lot to say but we don’t try to get into all the intricacies of how the band came about.

We just try to make music that sounds good and that sounds great.

And when we go into a studio we’re not trying to make something that we can’t play live.

We can’t do that, so I think that is a good thing.

So I think we’re good.

But we’ve got a lot more to say, so you will see more of Savage Love on the album as the band goes forward.

Savage Love is out now on CD and vinyl.

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