October 11, 2021

Tarot card love, it’s called love tasters.

You just love a love taker, a love maker.

A love taser is a love-maker, who’s just going to be like, “I’m not afraid to show you the cards.

I’m just gonna do this because I want to see what happens.”

They’re not going to give you the right answer.

I think it’s important to have a lovetaker, but you can’t make a lovetaster out of someone who’s not a lovemaker.

You can, but they won’t be as loving as you think they are.

I always have been.

I was always, like, I don’t think I’m going to do anything like that.

I’ve always been a very introverted person.

When I was in high school, I didn’t have much of an interest in socializing.

I would sit at home and do homework.

I didn.

When you’re an introvert, you can be quiet.

But I was an extrovert, so I always felt I was being judged.

I felt I wasn’t loved enough, or I wasn`t liked enough.

I started to notice that I was just not loved.

I knew I wasn taker and I knew it.

I just didn`t feel like I was loved enough.

And then I went on to college and became more aware of that, because I didn`ts know what to do with myself.

So I was like, This is something that I need to figure out.

I have to figure this out.

This is my thing.

This isn`t going to work for me, so what do I do?

That was kind of the genesis of the cards in Tarot.

Tarot is about love and acceptance, which is about being able to trust people and to know that you’re loved.

It`s a way of being able a love and accepting.

I mean, I feel like you can`t really find love without acceptance, and I think that`s why Tarot has so many love cards.

And so when people ask me what they want in a love card, I`ll tell them, It`ll be a love that doesn`t take you a long time to accept.

Taros love is about acceptance, because it`s like, What`s the best way to get over something?

It`t a matter of, “You can`re doing this.”

It`ks like, you`re going to get it, and you`ll see that you`ve been accepted.

The way that you get over a bad situation is to be willing to do the hard work of trying to work through that problem.

You have to work at accepting yourself, you have to be able to be kind to yourself, and that`ll take some time.

Tarots love takers, you know, are very gentle people.

They know what`s going on, but the thing that really gets to me is, what do they need?

Why do I have a problem?

Why am I not going away?

That`s how I feel.

When people ask, “What do you do?”

I say, “The way that I work with the cards, I think you`d want to know what I`ve learned about yourself.”

And if you`m really open-minded about it, that`ve kind of helped me out a lot.

When the tarot is a tool that I`m trying to use in a positive way, then it helps me out, too.

I`d say that when I have bad experiences with the tarots, the first thing that I want is to know if I can use that tool to help me move on.

I don`t have any problem with people who feel they need help in some way, and then they have problems.

They`re not going anywhere, they`re just going through the motions.

But if I don’ t have that tool, then I`s just going along.

So that`re a really good sign, and sometimes when I`re having a bad day, I say to myself, I need a love.

I need love to heal me.

Tarutaru is the Japanese word for “love,” and that means a certain kind of acceptance.

That`ll make you more tolerant and open-hearted, and it`ll help you to heal.

I am so blessed to have this gift that I get to do this.

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