July 10, 2021

When I get the chance to speak to someone about a spell, they are often amazed by its power and clarity.

They are surprised by the sheer number of different combinations of words and sounds. 

The language is complex, with a multitude of spellings and pronunciations.

I can’t imagine how difficult it is for a novice to spell every single one of them. 

And then there is love.

I have had people tell me I’ve been a magical being and that I have transformed their life, loved them, and saved their marriage. 

This may be a little hard to believe, but love is really all there is to love. 

In fact, love is the only real language. 

Love is the way you create relationships, and love is where we find ourselves. 

Here are some love words that are powerful, creative, and a little surprising. 


Hear, See, and Feel: The word hear is an incredibly powerful one that has its roots in a number of cultures. 

It was first used by Greek poet Hesiod, and it is still used to describe hearing a song or piece of music. 

When you hear a piece of speech, you feel something and then hear what that feels like. 

A popular variation of this idea is when you hear the sound of a door opening, or the feeling of a person moving through the air. 

You feel the sound and then you feel it again. 

To hear a music is to feel the music, and to feel a piece that you can play or sing is to hear the music and then play the piece. 

People love hearing sounds.

People love seeing things.

And people love being around beautiful people. 

So the word see and feel are all about perceiving and experiencing. 


Listen, Listen, Listen: Listen is a way of being present and listening. 

There are many forms of listening, but I prefer listening to someone.

It is an intimate, intimate way to be with someone and feel their voice and their emotions. 

We all have different styles of listening.

I listen to music or podcasts and podcasts are an art form that is often overlooked. 

Sometimes I have to pause to listen to something to hear what it is about. 

But listening to something, whether it is an audio book or a video, is an experience that we all share. 


Carry, Carry, Carry: Catching a glimpse of another person’s body, and then holding it in my hand, is a powerful act of love.

The word carry has many meanings.

The word carries is a very common expression used to express an intimate connection between two people.

Carrying someone’s belongings is a kind of love act. 

I love carrying people’s possessions, and I love being able to carry a loved one’s things. 

Being able to hold them is an important way of expressing affection, caring, and support. 


Have, Have, Have: Have a person in your life? 

It is a word that carries a lot of meaning.

Have a close friend? 

I have a close one. 

My closest friend is the person I call “my baby”. 

A person is someone who has given up so much to make you happy. 

How does this work? 

When I say “have” in this context, I mean that you have given up on someone, or that you know that someone you have been with is gone. 

Are they gone? 


Can you see that? 


Is it something you would want to do again? Probably. 

If it is something you have had to put off because of something you are worried about or something you need to talk about, then yes, yes, it is possible to have. 

However, when I say this in a way that is both playful and empowering, I am telling you to have someone in your home or on your own doorstep, and you should have someone who will support you, love you, and make sure you get through the difficult times. 


Touch, Touch, Touch: Touch is an act of loving and tenderness. 

As humans, we often use touch to make ourselves feel more comfortable. 

One of the reasons we like touching is because it allows us to be close to other people, and because touching can make us feel connected to people.

It also allows us the opportunity to feel love.

In fact, it’s one of the most powerful ways we can experience love.

It can also be a way to get our attention and to remind us of something important. 


Make, Make, Make: If you have a plan and you are working towards something important, then you can be a good lover.

Making a plan is a good way to create a plan

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