October 8, 2021

A conservative talk radio host says he loves his “savage” daughter and has a “very narcissistic” attitude towards other women.

But on Monday, the former Fox News personality was confronted with a reality TV reality show that shows his “very narcissism.”

On the show, a man who identifies as “Steve” and a woman who identifies only as “Rachel” sit in the living room of their home.

They are discussing the recent news of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Rachel asks the man, “So, when did you realize that you were actually this narcissist?”

“Well, I mean, I did, because I just sort of noticed,” Steve responds.

“I just sort, I realized I was really, really, not, you know, this normal person.

I think, like, you could say, like the whole reason I did this, was to make myself feel better.””

I mean, yeah, that’s probably why you started talking to her about her boobs,” Rachel says.

“Because you felt like you, you were supposed to be a good person.

You were supposed, like I thought, to be the guy who, you knew, made all these great decisions.

And you felt really, like it was your responsibility to, like you had to, be like, that.

But I mean like, it’s like, wow, that was like, really triggering for me.

I mean that was, like what was your worst moment, right?””

Um, I think I’m very narcissistic,” Rachel responds.”

I was really attracted to you,” Steve says.

He then tells Rachel, “And, you, like,” and continues, “I think I could be your husband.”

Rachel asks the woman, “Is that, like like, a possibility?”

“No, I’m not dating,” Rachel replies.

“But, yeah,” Steve continues, as Rachel watches.

“Like, you have this wonderful, you just, you are this incredible person, and you just can’t help yourself.”

Steve says, “My mom was my best friend,” Rachel adds.

“And like, my mom was, you can just see, she’s just, she was so beautiful.”

Steve is known as “the Savage Love” and he has also been a talk radio guest on The Savage Love Show and a “proud conservative” on The Steve Harvey Show.

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