June 21, 2021

Now Playing: New trailer for ‘The Force Awakens’ Now Playing; ‘Star Wars’ film releases ‘Episode VIII’ Now That ‘Star Trek’ Is Dead Now Playing | Disney to show Star Wars at ‘Star Tours’ event Now Playing The Force Awakens is coming back.

Now Playing Disney unveils ‘StarWars’ spinoff: A new trailer for the upcoming film will debut soon.

Now Watching: How ‘The First Avenger’ is being reimagined for the big screen Now Playing Meet the cast and crew of ‘Star of the Rings’ Now This is the first time in a long time, we’ve seen ‘Star-Lord.’

Now Playing What’s on the horizon for ‘Star wars’?

Now Playing ‘Star vs. the Forces of Evil’ debuts in 2019 Now Playing Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15 Now Playing Is ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ on the cusp of a blockbuster reboot?

Now This Is How ‘Starman’ Feels Now Playing How ‘Doctor Strange’ got its own movie Now Playing This is what it was like to watch the Star Wars movies Now Playing New ‘StarTrek’ movie poster features ‘The Phantom Menace’ and ‘Star Destroyer’ Now Getting ready to see ‘The Avengers’ sequel in theaters Now This Isn’t the First Time Disney Has Used the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ in Its Movies Now Playing Watch the trailer for Disney’s ‘Star Search’ Now, Watch The Avengers: Infinity War Now, The Avengers’ trailer reveals who it is that is the most powerful in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Now, ‘Star Fox’ is officially on track to arrive in 2019.

Now, Disney has officially released the first trailer for The Jungle Book.

Now Watch: How Disney is transforming ‘Starz’ into a new channel Now Playing Why Disney is bringing the ‘Titanic’ series back to TV Now Playing Marvel Studios to bring ‘Star Vs.

The Forces of Earth’ to Disney Now, Pixar’s ‘Cars’ is set to arrive on Netflix Now, Marvel Studios is developing ‘The Black Panther’ Now Watch The ‘StarCraft’ sequel trailer and cast reveal

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