September 3, 2021

There’s an age gap between Japanese and Western love quotes.

I asked the Japanese to explain how they think Western love quotations work.

They were very open and honest.

I’ve found that most people use Western love words in a more neutral way.

The most common Western terms that are used in Japan are “you’re really cute”, “it’s so beautiful”, “I’m so lucky to have you” and “I love you”. 

Western love terms are more about how much they love a person, and how much their romantic feelings are hurt.

They are less about their feelings towards you.

The Japanese use terms like “love you” to describe a relationship.

They don’t say “love me” or “I miss you” or even “I need you”.

The most popular love words are used to mean love and affection. 

The Western terms are also more specific.

They mean something like “we love you” instead of “I really love you.”

Western love is a much more specific kind of love.

It’s much more about what the person you’re with feels.

If you’re not with them, you may think the person is just not interested.

They may be too attached. 

Western love terms can be found in love literature and even in movies.

For example, in the film “Kamisama Hajimemashita” (The Story of a Girl with the Heart of a Lion), the love between Koyomi Araragi and Nagisa Oshima is one of the most well-known love stories.

When Araragas love for Nagisa goes up, it’s not just because they’ve been together for a long time.

They’ve been dating for years. 

Koyomi loves Nagisa, and she feels that she can never be alone with him. 

In the movie, they’re both together, but their feelings are very distant.

Nagisa is so happy when she meets Koyomis love, she doesn’t think she can be alone, so she kisses him.

When Koyoms love becomes real, she realizes she can’t be alone anymore, and they start talking.

It starts as love, and Koyomen love for Koyumis love is real. 

What’s so great about Japanese love is that the Western terms don’t have the same meaning.

It could mean you’re really hot or you’re very good looking, or it could mean your parents were a very loving family. 

I asked the students to explain what love means to them, and I found that their answer was almost always “love is love”. 

Western Love terms also tend to use terms that mean something about how they feel about someone.

Western love can mean you think someone’s a “real” person.

In other words, you think that they’re “a real person”.

In Western love, you can use these words to describe someone as well.

The more you say, “I feel like this person is real”, the more you feel like you really love them. 

For example, Western love might be something like, “If you’re happy with the way things are, then I feel like they really are happy with their relationship”. 

The more Western love you can get, the more of it you can express.

You can even say things like “I can’t stand seeing your sad face every day, you’re so boring” or you can say, the words don’t fit. 

If you can’t get Western love and you feel lonely, you should go and see a Western love counsellor. 

One thing that the students are very clear about is that they want to find love in the West.

They want to go abroad, travel, and make new friends.

They know that it’s very difficult to find a Western partner.

Western couples usually have to get engaged to get a Western lover.

But in Japan, there is no marriage requirement. 

 The students also have to understand the difference between Western love concepts and Japanese love concepts.

Western ideas are more neutral.

They’re more about the relationship.

You might say “I know you’re just like me”.

They’re not saying “I like you” like Western love.

They have a more positive, warm feeling towards you and a lot of feelings of happiness. 

They tend to be more concerned with what your needs are and what you want in a relationship than what you look like.

The Western ideas tend to focus on how you should behave in a romantic relationship, how to behave in general, and so on. 

Japanese concepts are more negative.

They say things about the partner that are very specific.

You may not know how to express that with Western love or Japanese love terms.

Western lovers tend to have more emotional attachment to their partners than Japanese ones.

The students were not sure what to think of the difference. 

It’s true that they often try to get Western romantic partners, but they never have a Western romantic partner. They think

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