August 23, 2021

The United States is a country that celebrates its own diversity, but it’s not necessarily the country that loves its own people.

According to a new survey by the Angus Reid Institute, which is a nonprofit that advocates for social justice and democracy, the United States does not appear to be a place where people feel as comfortable sharing their feelings with one another as they do in countries such as Canada.

In fact, respondents said they were less likely to say they would “make a good friend” if they were living in a country where they felt more comfortable sharing things like their political beliefs, their religion, their political views, their sexual orientation, and even their ethnicity.

In Canada, respondents were more likely to report they would make a good friends if they lived in a place with more open, inclusive and welcoming political parties, a more diverse and tolerant society, and a more tolerant culture.

In the United Kingdom, respondents reported being more likely than others to make friends if living in an open, tolerant, and inclusive society and a culture of multiculturalism.

The results suggest that people in the U.S. are less likely than Canadians to make good friends in places where they feel less comfortable expressing their political or religious beliefs.

“The United States, the world’s most open and tolerant country, seems to be the exception,” said Robyn Hulme, the director of the Angus degrèves research center, which conducted the survey.

“We see a number of things that are different, but overall, the U, S., and Canada are not particularly friendly places for Muslims, or any minority group, in the United State.”

The survey, which included more than 1,200 Canadians and U.K. citizens, also found that Canadians who identified as Muslim were significantly more likely and more likely that they would find friends in a foreign country.

Those with a political and religious affiliation that was either liberal or moderate were significantly less likely and less likely that the person would make good friendships in Canada.

In addition to the political beliefs of respondents, the survey also asked them about their religious beliefs, including their political leanings.

Respondents in the liberal, liberal-leaning and moderate groups were much more likely, on average, to say that they had a “very strong” religious belief.

The survey also found a strong negative correlation between political beliefs and whether respondents would make friends in Canada, with a negative correlation ranging from -6.4 to 1.2.

Those who identified themselves as conservative or liberal were much less likely, according to the results, to identify as conservative.

Respondents who identified with the “very conservative” group were also much less confident in their ability to make a friend in Canada compared with those who identified primarily as liberal.

When it comes to religion, respondents in both groups reported having “very different” religious beliefs that were more or less tied to their political affiliation, as well as their political leaning.

For example, respondents who identified their religious affiliation as liberal were more than twice as likely as those who self-identified as conservative to identify themselves as being very religious.

In contrast, respondents with a religious affiliation in the conservative group were more inclined to self-identify as being religious.

“It’s not surprising that Canadians are more likely [to be] conservative than Americans.

People are very religious,” said Hulle.”

They have to be,” added Peter Van Loan, a professor at Dalhousie University who is a senior researcher at the Angus Degrève.

“People are very good at identifying where their political opinions come from, and there are very strong religious traditions that Canadians have that are much more conservative than American ones.”

According to the survey, those with the most political leaners, who were younger and more politically conservative, were the most likely to make friend in a Canada that was more liberal, while those with moderate political leaneries were the least likely.

People with moderate religious leaneries, those in the same age bracket as those with conservative religious leanings, were also more likely for Canadians to say their religion was “very important” in their social circles, a finding that was much more prevalent in Canada than in the USA.

The findings suggest that a lack of social acceptance, tolerance and inclusion for Muslims in Canada is a major issue for Canadians.

“There are a lot of Muslim Canadians who have a hard time feeling comfortable in the Canadian political system,” said Van Loan.

“The more Muslims feel comfortable with Canada, the more they will gravitate to the Liberal Party and the more likely they are to be Liberal candidates.

It is very hard to be liberal in Canada.”

The study also found significant differences between the countries in terms of how Muslims feel about their political representation.

While Canada is home to the largest number of Muslim citizens in the world, Muslims in the country are still less represented in politics.

“Muslims are a minority of Canada’s population, but they have significant political power,” said Michaela

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