October 1, 2021

Chris Githard and his wife, Jia Guthards, have a thing for one another.

They’ve been married for three years, but it’s not long before they’re talking about their marriage.

“We had a very successful marriage,” Chris told The Washington Times.

“We’ve always had the best sex.

We’ve never had any problems.

We are the best couple in the world.”

Chris and Jia have been married three years and are still happily together.

Chris Gethards daughter, Kim, is now 17.

Chris said they are both very happy, and he doesn’t see anything wrong with them being together.

“I don’t think we have any problems,” he said.

“Kim’s not a bad girl, but I don’t see her having problems with anything.”

Chris said the couple’s family is supportive of them and they are happy for Kim to live the life she wants.

Chris also said that he doesn.t see any reason why he should be able to leave the country at this time, but he hopes the Supreme Court does take a look at his case.

“There is no way we can leave at this point,” he told The Times.

“If we get out, we’re going to have to be separated from Kim.

She is 16 and we’re all going to go into a world of uncertainty.”

Chris Guthars ex-wife and son have both expressed similar views.

Kim Guthors ex-husband has had a number of run-ins with immigration officials over the years, according to Kim.

He has also been detained at the border numerous times, and was recently released when immigration officials decided that he was no longer a danger to the public.

Kim said that Chris is doing an excellent job of supporting his family.

“They’re so great and they’ve always been there for me,” he added.

Chris said that immigration officials have been very kind to him.

“When they came into the country, we were told they were doing it for our protection, but that they didn’t really have any rights for us,” he explained.

“They had us put into a box and we weren’t allowed to speak.

That was a big deal for us.”

Chris’s ex-partner, Kim Guthardi, also shared similar sentiments.

“She said, ‘We love you, Chris, but we have to stay in this country,'” she told The Daily Beast.

“That’s the reality.

We have to protect ourselves.”

Kim Githardi has a degree in psychology, but she has also earned a degree as a social worker.

She also has a career in the field of international child development and has worked as a consultant for many international NGOs and child welfare agencies.

She said that her ex-husband, who has a PhD in psychology and is also an expert in child development, has helped her navigate her time in the United States.

“He’s been very supportive and kind and has been a great help,” Kim Githaris ex-lover said.

“But we have a daughter, and that’s what we want.

And so we need to be there for our daughter and not worry about immigration issues.”

Kim said she has never been stopped or questioned by immigration officials at any point during her marriage.

She has had no trouble obtaining permanent residency in the country.

She said she’s been able to stay on her own and with her children, who are all in high school.

“The kids are all very happy and happy to be here,” Kim said.

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