September 6, 2021

Australian love bugs are a little bit like love bugs, only much smaller.

But their persistence in Australia means they’re the latest and most pressing problem in the land.

They’re also the latest problem for a couple with a simple solution: give them a shot.

The love bugs were first detected in March, when two couples were visiting a house on the outskirts of Darwin.

Their first impression was that it was a typical suburban home, and they had noticed their dogs barking and their cat making the odd noise.

They eventually discovered the bugs were a new breed of housefly and called them “Love Bugs”.

“When I first heard about it, I thought, ‘This is very weird, because I’ve never seen this before’,” one of the couple, who requested to be identified only as R, told ABC Radio Darwin.

The bugs’ new home was in a suburb called Cessnock.

The bugs have become such a problem for R and her partner that she has since been diagnosed with a rare form of heart disease, a condition that can cause heart problems and sudden death.

“The first few weeks we just didn’t really know what to do,” she said.

I got in and tried to get rid of them as much as I could.””

I thought maybe they’d gone into the garage or something and I just left them in the house, but that wasn’t the case.

I got in and tried to get rid of them as much as I could.”

R said she has had to deal with a number of different bugs over the years, from a single one that started in her hair when she was young to another that had bitten her husband in 2013.

“It’s just one of those things that’s very difficult to deal and deal with,” she told ABC Darwin.

“They are so hard to kill.”

R and her husband have had to put up with several infestations of the love bugs before.

One was in their car and another was in the fridge.

“We tried all the different ways that we could get rid it out, including using the garden hose, but it wasn’t really working,” she explained.

“Then we had to have the garden vacuumed, which was pretty stressful.”

She said she tried to remove the bugs with the garden brush, which had no effect.

“That’s just not the best solution because it can damage the soil and the roots of the plants,” she added.

“In my opinion, it’s a really good idea to just go out and have a walk, but the bugs can be quite destructive and it just really makes you feel a little scared.”

The couple is now considering buying a garden vacuum and using it to destroy the bugs.

“Maybe I’ll buy a small one,” R said.

“But it’s definitely something we’ll probably do.”

The love bug crisis is one that has already been seen in New Zealand, where a couple have been bitten by an invasive species and have since moved to a suburb in the capital.

“It was pretty bad at first, but then it just got better and better and worse,” R’s partner said.

In Victoria, a couple in a rural community in the Kimberley, have been pest-control volunteers since 2013, when they noticed a swarm of the bugs on the front porch of their house.

A couple who lived nearby described the bugs as a “very, very strange” sight.

“[They were] all looking at us, but we were still kind of in shock, but not really,” the couple said.

They later contacted the council in the city of Port Augusta, and after being advised by the pest control service to remove them, the bugs had been removed and the couple returned to their home.

The bug crisis has also reached Australia, where the number of reports of the creatures has reached 1,200.

R said that while the bugs have had their share of bites, she has only had one since they arrived.

“When we got out of the car, we noticed it was very, very swollen, and the bugs crawled all over it,” she laughed.

“But the bites didn’t hurt at all.”

The bugs, known locally as love bugs due to their red, white and black markings, are one of Australia’s more widespread and invasive species.

Since their arrival in the country, the pests have spread throughout the country and are believed to be spreading throughout Australia as well.

According to the Australian National University, there are around 1.2 million known love bugs in the world.

Australia is home to a host of love bugs that have become a big problem, with more than 300 species now identified.

Some of these species are so large they can eat animals.

Another is the “love bug queen”, which feeds on the blood of young babies.

Love bugs have been found on a number, and even all, of the continents

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